Those overgrown verges…

Our local County Councillor, Liz Leffman, spoke at the Parish Council meeting to explain why the County Council is no longer routinely cutting road verges as often during their growing season. It is because these verges are a haven for wildlife, so leaving them uncut for most of the summer is an important element in …

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Summer Holiday fun

Schools break up for the summer holidays next week so local organisations offer daytime activities for children in our area. Chadlington Sports and Social Club have cricket coaching summer camps for those aged 6-16; Chipping Norton Theatre have drama and musical theatre workshops for a range of age groups …

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Roadworks on route to Charlbury

The main road to Charlbury from Chadlington, the B4437 Forest Road, will be closed for a couple of weeks due to  highway maintenance works which are anticipated to be completed on 20 July 2019. Exemptions are only for police, fire and ambulance services and for the works and for access to premises which are only …

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Glow worms found in Chadlington hedgerow

A local resident has let the Editor know that they “went on a glow worm hunt with the Wychwood Project a couple of weeks ago to Swinbrook, where they spotted some of these elusive creatures, then when we returned at about 11:15pm to the village, we stopped the car on a hunch and spotted 3 …

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Agenda for Chadlington Parish Council Meeting on Monday 8 July 2019

Notice is hereby given that the next Meeting of Chadlington Parish Council will be held at the Memorial Hall, Chadlington on Monday 08 July 2019 at 7.30pm. Members of the public & press are welcome to attend. Members of the public may make representations to the Council under Item 10, in accordance with the Council’s …

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Minutes of the Chadlington Parish Council AGM held on Monday 13 May 2019

Minutes of the Chadlington Parish Council Annual Meeting held at the Memorial Hall, Chadlington on Monday 13 May 2019. (Start 8.30pm. Finish 9.20pm) Present: Cllrs Howard Rowley, Tony Allan, Nicky Lloyd and Gill Hill (Clerk) District Cllr Neil Owen and County Cllr Liz Leffman plus 5 members of the public. Minutes 47. Election of Chair …

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Baa Baa Black Sheep

The sheep have returned to the Paddock opposite Café de la Post and there is now a mixed flock, with a number of black sheep, as well as the whiter coloured animals who had been in the field before. They are enjoying the lush vegetation and adding another attraction to the village’s relaxing, summertime scene.

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Oxfordshire’s Roads to be Resurfaced

Oxfordshire County Council has now recognised the need to resurface many of the county’s local roads and has announced a ‘summer of road surfacing’ starting now. More than half a million square metres of road across Oxfordshire will be given a new lease of life thanks to the surface-dressing technique – waterproofing the roads and extending their …

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What do you think of the Parish Plan?

Chadlington Parish Council has prepared a Parish Plan for 2019/20 which sets out Parish Councillors views of their priorities for the village and the approach they are taking to reviewing planning applications made to West Oxfordshire District Council. The Parish Plan has been delivered to every household in the village with this month’s Parish Magazine …

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What’s the weather in Chadlington?

  There are many weather apps for your ‘phone and frequent forecasts on radio and TV. But if you just want a quick look at whether it will be rain or shine (or what combination of both) here in Chadlington, have a quick look at the foot of the Chadlington village website Home Page.

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