Discount tickets available to Wilderness for locals

Wilderness Festival are happy to announce that this year, in response to feedback and to say thank you for your continued support in allowing us to hold our festival in this beautiful area, we are making available a brand new Sunday Only Day Ticket, exclusively for those living within the postcodes OX7 3** | OX29 …

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Armistice Tree growing well

      If you were one of the many villagers who attended the planting of the commemorative rowan tree outside Chadlington Memorial Hall last November (or even if you were unable to be there on the day) you’ll be pleased to see how well the small sapling is growing.       A few …

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Volunteer to help schoolchildren read

The Oxfordshire-based charity ARCh is calling for local volunteers to spend a few hours a week encouraging children to enjoy reading. The sessions take place in primary school and full training and materials are provided. For more information see their website or contact Heidi@archoxfordshire.org.uk

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Wychwood Project’s report on the rare Grape Hyacinths

The Wychwood Project’s Flora Group visited Chadlington again this year to survey our rare wild flower – the Muscari Neglectum at a number of locations in and around the village. In general they found that management regimes, such as timely mowing and ground clearance is benefitting the plant populations and the flower is thriving. If …

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News from Chadlington School

Jonathan Harris-Bass has sent the following news from our local primary school: “On the 7th of May, all the Key Stage One pupils at the school went to Kingsmere Community Centre on the outskirts of Bicester to take part in a Music Festival with Nick Cope.   There were 7 local schools represented, including a …

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Report from Parish Council Annual Meeting

Some successes and some concerns were reported at Chadlington Parish Council’s AGM on 13th May. Councillors were pleased to report the increasing use of the village hall, the full take-up of the allotments and the continuation of Cafe de la Post with new business owners. The Chairman presented the Council’s new Parish Plan and planning …

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Book your summer festival through the Theatre

Chipping Norton Theatre are advertising their new local summer festival booking service, encouraging people who want to go to these events to book through their Box Office so that they earn commission. These funds will be used to support the theatre’s range of activities. You won’t pay anymore for your ticket BUT …

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What’s the weather in Chadlington?

  There are many weather apps for your ‘phone and frequent forecasts on radio and TV. But if you just want a quick look at whether it will be rain or shine (or what combination of both) here in Chadlington, have a quick look at the foot of the Chadlington village website Home Page.

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Chadlington children can join All Stars Cricket

This summer Chadlington Cricket Club are running a programme called All Stars Cricket. It is part of a national programme organised by the England and Wales Cricket Board. Girls and boys between aged between 5 and 8 can attend an eight week programme when their activities will earn them ‘stars’ as they learn the skills …

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Chipping Norton Museum opens

The Local History Museum in Chipping Norton is now open for the summer until the end of October. It is open between 2 and 4 p.m. every day Monday to Saturday. The Museum is situated opposite the Town Hall, next to the Westgate arcade. They have many interesting exhibits and hold records which are open …

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