Mindfulness course available

Nikki Jackson, who teaches the Monday yoga class in the village, is now taking bookings for the next eight week Mindfulness for stress course. It will start on Tuesday 30th April 2019 and takes place from 6.00 to 8.15pm in Chipping Norton Health Centre. For more information about the scientific research about how stress affects the immune …

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Maybe lightening can strike the same place twice?

The high winds of the last couple of days probably explain the loss of electricity that most residents experienced during Saturday and Sunday evening. But it was strange that on both nights the lights went out around 8.15 p.m. Scottish and Southern Electric (the electricity supplier to the Chadlington) said that there were 484 homes …

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Chadlington Ladies need new players

Our local ladies football team is looking for new players (adults – over 16) to join this friendly club that is planning to play in the Thames Valley Women’s League on Sunday afternoons. They have an FA qualified coach and currently meet for training on Monday evenings at the Kingham Hill astroturf pitch. Please contact …

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New Chairman for Chadlington Sports Club

The Editor has received the following news from Greg Kemp: At his 10th AGM as chairman of the Sports Club Mark Lambert has decided to step down in his role. During his tenure the club as a whole has gone from strength to strength.   Over the past decade all aspects of the club have …

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Sign up now for garden waste collection

The new collection year for garden waste collection by West Oxfordshire District Council does not begin until 1st April but to be sure you have your license in time why not apply now? The annual cost is £30 per bin for fortnightly collections. To sign up, call 01993 861025 or apply online

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Exciting News! The Next Stage for Cafe de la Post

The Editor has received the following announcement from Martin Chapman, current owner of our village cafe: “We are delighted to announce that new tenants are taking over the business of Cafe de la Post. The tenancy is in the form of a company; Cafe de la Post Limited, run by three local people; Bryan Thring, Hugo …

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Supermoon should be visible later today

This evening’s full moon will be a ‘Supermoon’, which appears much brighter and larger than a normal full moon due to close proximity between the Earth and its moon at this time of year. The moon rises late afternoon, so will first appear against the daytime sky and should be a silvery colour, which in …

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‘The Losers’ are now the winners!

Last night’s village quiz at the Bowls Club was hard-fought and reached a very exciting finish as two teams had exactly the same final score. Then the mis-named ‘The Losers’ team (who only had 4 members, instead of all the other teams 6) won by answering a simple factual tie break. The other top scoring …

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Are you interested in making your own jewelry?

Would you like to attend an evening jewelry making course in Chadlington, taught by a local jeweller / silversmith, who has previously organised and run popular and successful courses at the Berkshire College of Agriculture? The course will teach the basics of jewellery making, a highly rewarding hobby and profession It is fairly inexpensive and …

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A run on carrot cake at the Cafe

Just in case anyone doubts the power of celebrity endorsement and the media in the twenty-first century, this local story makes the point well. Following mention of the wonderful carrot cake on offer at Cafe de la Post in an article in this week’s Sunday Times, made by a well-known motoring enthusiast who has a …

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