A Rowan for Remembrance

After months of planning by Chadlington Parish Council, a special Armistice tree–a rowan– has been planted at the village’s Memorial Hall. The dedication ceremony, included prayers led by the Reverend Mark Abrey and a selection of readings of WW1 poetry by Parish Council Chairman Howard Rowley, Cllr Tony Allan, David Payne and Sue Haffenden. The …

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Firefighters to the rescue–but could you help them?

While the story of the muntjac cut free from a garden gate in Chadlington might have given you a smile, the firefighters on duty always know that their next call-out could be to a serious road crash or a house fire. The team at Chipping Norton are currently looking for new recruits. Could you help …

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Recycle that pumpkin!

Once Hallowe’en celebrations are over, a reminder from West Oxfordshire District Council that pumpkins can be recycled as part of your weekly food waste collection service. Pumpkins can either be left at the side of food waste bins, or cut into pieces and placed inside the bin. They are then taken, along with other food …

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Consider being an organ donor

Last month’s Organ Donation Week, run by the NHS, highlighted that in the county last year 57 people had life-saving donations of organs but 27 people died waiting for one. If you would like to consider becoming a donor, spare a few moments to look at this official website to learn more about how …

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Remember to put your clocks back

The clocks will go back from British Summer Time to Greenwich Mean Time at 2 a.m. on the last Sunday of this month, 27th October 2019. For more information, go to the official Government website  

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A very busy term so far

Chadlington C of E Primary School is back with a bang. Well more of a loud snap actually as the Clapperboard has been signalling the theme for the term, ‘We are the Little Acorn Film Company’. The Romans have been a major focus in the opening weeks of the autumn, with Years 3 and 4 …

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Methodist Church closure

We are sad to report that the Methodist Church in Chadlington, built in 1903, has had to close its’ doors and cease operating as a separate congregation, due to a dwindling number of regular attenders. The Church has been an important part of the village’s community life and played a significant role in providing religious …

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Tite Inn riders exceed fundraising target

The eight intrepid Tite Inn cycling enthusiasts, who set out on a 120 mile round trip to Worcester and back one weekend, have raised an impressive total for their chosen charity. Well over their initial £1,000 target will be donated to ROSY (Respite nursing for Oxfordshire’s Sick Youngsters) and the total is still rising. The …

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Have fun playing volleyball in Charlbury

Fancy playing volleyball at the Charlbury Community Centre? Then a friendly session on Wednesdays from 8pm-10pm is your chance! Whether you’ve never played before and want to give it a go, or you haven’t played since you were at school or on holiday, this session gives you the opportunity to come and try. We offer …

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New waste and recycling dates

Contact West Oxfordshire District Council for their new calendar showing which bins householders need to put out when, including any changes for over the festive period and other bank holidays. You can also sign up for e-mail updates, including weekly bin reminders. Go to the Council’s website for more details or call 01993 861000.

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