May Chipping Norton News online

In place of the regular Chipping Norton News magazine, which cannot be produced and printed at the moment, the volunteers who produce this excellent publication have put together a shortened version for May, now available on-line. There are some free editions in shops in the town but none will be placed in Café de la …

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Experienced practice nurses wanted

West Oxfordshire District Council have let the Parish Council know that the NHS is looking to boost its teams in dedicated Corona virus clinics across the country and asked us to publicise this request. Anyone not already working in an Oxfordshire health practice but interested in helping care for patients during the pandemic, please complete …

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Artweeks and Open Gardens postponed

Art weeks in Oxfordshire has had to be postponed but you can still view a mini-exhibition in the window of Chadlington Quality Foods. All three of the artists who are resident in Chadlington have some of their works included and you can enquire about prices in the shop. You can also see more of the …

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Phone a friend, or Good Neighbours…

With thanks to the Somerset village of Tickenham, here is some advice on how to look after yourself and reduce stress during lock-down. There have been so many practical difficulties to sort out during the early days of the lock-down that it’s been easy to forget about our mental health.  Here …

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A message from Abbeyfield

Residents of Abbeyfield House in Chadlington would like to thank our village Good Neighbours volunteers, all the staff at Chadlington Quality Foods and Café de la Post for all their help and support during the Corona virus emergency. They would also like to thank the children of the …

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Chadlington defibrillator back in Abbeyfield front porch

Emma Steele has let the Editor know that the village Automated External Defibrillator (known as an AED) – usually located in Abbeyfield porch on Chipping Norton Road, opposite Chadlington Quality Foods and Slatters Butchers – is back in its box, following repair of a recent fault. It is now in full working order should anyone …

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What you can do in Chadlington

The residents of Chadlington are currently obliged to follow Government guidance on staying at home and only making essential local journeys to buy food or medicine, for exercise or to help vulnerable people during the Corona virus emergency. In all circumstances they must keep a 2 metre distance (6 feet, 8 inches in ‘old money’) …

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Chadlington Playground closed

  Sadly, anyone who is permitted to go out with their children for daily exercise will not be able to use our village playground at the moment. The facility is provided and maintained by the Parish Council but they have had to lock it and prevent its use during this time of national ‘lockdown’, due …

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Coronavirus emergency

As with communities across the country and indeed around the world, ordinary life has come to a sharp halt and regular events, activities and facilities have been cancelled or closed. We cannot be sure of keeping you up to date with all the issues that may affect people in Chadlington at this time. So please …

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Stonelee Crows leave Loose Ends trailing

Yet another close run contest was fought at the village quiz at the Bowls Club on Sunday evening; with only three points between the winners and the third placed team. The ‘Stonelee Crows’ won outright, with no tie-breaker but only had one point more than the second placed team, ‘Loose Ends’. Coming a very close …

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