Power Cut Explanation from SSE

A local resident has sought an explanation for the long power cut last Wednesday, 17th May which left many households in Chadlington, Charlbury and beyond without power for more than 6 hours. Their explanation is as follows: “The main network failed at 17.23 on 17th May as per procedure we paged all staff in the …

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Beware the Blandford Fly

A Website reader has sent this helpful notice from Woodstock GP Surgery about the current plague of ‘Blandford flies’ which has led to many people in the village being bitten and left with unpleasant and sore after effects. See the attached document for medical advice on how to deal with bites should you be unfortunate …

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Chadlington Under 9s win the cup!

On Sunday, 7th May Chadlington Under 9s football team secured a historic victory by beating Witney Tower Hill to win the Witney and District Under 9s Cup. Tower Hill had won this cup for the past 2 years, and Chadlington trailed 1 – 0 at the break, but with goals from Miles Pemberton, Orlando Haworth-Booth, …

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County Council Candidates published

Polling Day for the County Council elections is this week, Thursday, 4th May. The Chadlington Polling Station at the Memorial Hall will be open from 7.00 a.m. until 11.00 p.m. You can see the full list of candidates on the County Council website If you have not received a polling card but …

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Chastleton House volunteering

The National Trust is looking for new volunteers at Chastleton House, near Moreton-in-Marsh. Room guides, visitor welcome volunteers and Sunday teas volunteers are all being recruited at the moment. For more information, see their website for general information about volunteering or call Georgina on 01608 674355.

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A happy ending to a stray story

  The Editor is pleased to report that the young cat seen astray in Brook End has been reunited with its owner. Thanks to the kind neighbours who kept an eye on this cat and took the trouble to help him find his home again.

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Become an ‘on-call’ Firefighter

There are vacancies at Chipping Norton, Charlbury and Woodstock for ‘on-call’ firefighters. If you’re interested there will be a taster day on 29th April at Chipping Norton Fire Station. During three two-hour sessions you can experience hose running exercises, ladder climbing and water pumping drills. Please contact Simon Piper to book a slot between 9-11, …

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Is this your cat?

This young cat has been spotted stray around Brook End. He’s appeared in the last week. He’s a young male who doesn’t seem to have been neutered and so he may have roamed. He doesn’t have a collar and he looks about a year old. If this is your cat, or you think you know …

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New clue to origin of village’s name

Why is Chadlington so called? There are a number of theories but new evidence points to an origin for the village’s name linked to the traditional crafts practiced locally. See April’s Home Page for more……

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Funding available to improve local sport and fitness facilities

Sport England have opened their Community Asset Fund, which offers financial help with improving halls, pitches and other facilities. All kinds of sports clubs, community organisations and social enterprises that have facilities they need funds for can apply for grants. All you need is a great idea to get people moving. Go to their 

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