Apply quickly for local green spaces funding

Tesco Local Community Scheme The money raised from the 5p bag charge in Tesco stores in England, Wales and Scotland will be used to pay for a large number of local projects to improve green spaces in communities. Projects that will get the green light as a result of the funding will include building new pocket …

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Check out Chadlington Churchyard

Churchyards and burial grounds not only provide a peaceful place to commemorate the dead. Whether it’s animals, insects, plants or local history that grab your interest, churchyards are also wonderful places in which to spend time exploring. They also offer a great introduction to geology that anyone of any age can enjoy. The …

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Local Lottery 2015. Join Now!

Don’t miss out on the 2015 Local Lottery. After the resounding success of the 2014 Local Lottery, and some great feedback from the community, we’ve decided to go again with aims to make the monthly winnings in 2015 even bigger. Now in its third consecutive year, The Local Lottery starts drawing soon. A reminder of how it …

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