A future for the Methodist Church?

Although  the Methodist Church in Chadlington has closed its door to worship, the superintendent minister is very keen that the Chapel should continue to be used for wider community purposes.  A number of community groups and individuals in Chadlington have expressed interest in the possibility of developing the Chapel as a community hub. The Methodist Church has called a meeting on Saturday 23rd March in the Café de la Post at 10.00-11.30am to discuss the possibilities.  Interested parties are welcome to attend.

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Care for a cuppa?

This month, fundraisers are inviting you to hold a Care for a Cuppa event to help raise funds for Katharine House Hospice.

Why not get your friends, family or colleagues together at home or in the community and invite them to enjoy an afternoon of tea and cake? Brush up on your baking skills and help offer comfort and support to over 800 patients and their families this year.

You’ll be helping to raise the vital funds we need to provide our services, and you’re guaranteed a great afternoon too! To find out more visit their website

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Remember to put your clocks forward

British Summer Time begins at 2 a.m. on Sunday, 31st March this year. So remember to put your clocks and watches forward one hour before you go to bed on Saturday evening or at 1 a.m. on Sunday morning.

Most electronic devices automatically move their time settings forward.

At last we will have lighter evenings and later sunrises; with the days progressively lengthening until mid-summer on 20th June.

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Chipping Norton Parent Pals

Parents and carers of children with mental health problems, ASD anxiety or depression can find support with a new group that meets every month in the town. The group will meet on the last Tuesday every month (next meeting 26th March)  in the upper Town Hall between 7 and 9 p.m.

Please feel free to come along, hear the informative speakers and chat to other participants. Refreshments will be provided. The group is supported by the Apcam charity.

For more information e-mail CNpartentpals@btinterent.com

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Fond Farewell from Martin and Jackie

Last Friday evening a merry time was had by all who were able to join with the previous owners of Cafe de la Post in a farewell drink and meal.

Martin and Jackie have been running the corner shop and cafe for over 12 years. They have transformed it into a bustling focus for the community, with their very dedicated and friendly staff team

Everyone wished them all the best with their other continuing ventures and we will still see them in the village; so it’s ‘farewell’ not ‘goodbye’ and thanks for all they have done for Chadlington.

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Mindfulness course available

Nikki Jackson, who teaches the Monday yoga class in the village, is now taking bookings for the next eight week Mindfulness for stress course. It will start on Tuesday 30th April 2019 and takes place from 6.00 to 8.15pm in Chipping Norton Health Centre.
For more information about the scientific research about how stress affects the immune system and other major survival functions of the body, which can lead to chronic health problems, and how mindfulness can help, please see this webpage

You can also read about how the courses have helped participants here

Places are limited, so if you would like a place, please contact Nikki directly via the website

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Maybe lightening can strike the same place twice?

The high winds of the last couple of days probably explain the loss of electricity that most residents experienced during Saturday and Sunday evening. But it was strange that on both nights the lights went out around 8.15 p.m.

Scottish and Southern Electric (the electricity supplier to the Chadlington) said that there were 484 homes without power last night and the power cut lasted about an hour. They said that it was due to a fault with their high voltage outage due to a damaged disk (?) – whether this was weather related is unclear so, as ever, it is difficult for the layperson to anticipate any further disruption.

If you are concerned that we may have further problems, it would be wise to make sure you have a working torch and charged up mobile phone close to hand during the continuing dark evenings, just in case.

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Agenda Chadlington Parish Council Meeting Monday 11 March 2019



Notice is hereby given that the Parish Council Meeting of Chadlington Parish Council will be held at the Memorial Hall, Chadlington on Monday 11 March 2019 at 7.30pm.


Members of the public & press are welcome to attend. Members of the public may make representations to the Council under Item 10, in accordance with the Council’s Standing Orders. [Contact a Councillor or the Clerk at least 2 weeks before the next Council meeting if you wish to have an item placed on the agenda]


  1. Apologies: to receive apologies
  2. Declaration of Interests
    1. Register of Interests – Councillors are reminded of the need to update their register of interests.
    2. To declare any pecuniary & other interests in items on the agenda & their nature.
  3. Minutes: to approve minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 14 January 2019.
  4. Resignation of Cllr Rose Cleevely and update on new Councillors
  5. District & County Councillors Reports
  6. Parish Plan: Update from Cllrs Tony Allan and Nicky Lloyd
  7. Highways: Fix My Street
  8. Memorial Hall – Update from Cllr Zoe Townsend
  9. Playground – Update report from Cllr Howard Rowley
  10. Public participation – Opportunity for the public to ask questions.
  11. Planning

         Applications received:

19/00459/HHD Old Borough House, West End. Single storey rear extension.

Applications approved:

18/03337/HHD  8 The Stocks. Erection of a two storey rear extension and insertion of new

roof lights. (Amendments to Planning Permission 11/0227/P/FPEXT) (Retrospective)

Chadlington Parish Council felt it was not in a position to approve or decline this application as insufficient information was available.

Application withdrawn

18/03573/FUL Brookside, Brook End. Conversion and extension of barn to create dwelling. CPC objected to this application. Withdrawn 8 Feb 2019.

  1. Finance

         To approve quote from Complete Weed Control for 2 treatments in year £624.00

         Income: Current Account £309.00  Memorial Hall Account £NIL

Expenditure for approval:

Standing Order (monthly) Clerk’s Salary for Mar & Apr                    £250.00

C No 100203 Moore Stephens   Audit                                              £240.00

C No 100204 Came & Co Insurance extra fee                                  £ 50.00

C No 100205 Community First Oxon annual subscription                 £ 55.00

C No 100206 OALC annual subscription                                           £168.82

C No 100207 Norton Antivirus annual fee                                          £ 24.99

Approval of monthly bank reconciliation 2018/2019

Current Account Opening balance 01 Apr 2018 £19,608.12; income to 31Jan 2019 £16,498, expenditure to 31Jan 2019 £6,328.05;Closing Balance £31,332.08

Memorial Hall Project Account  Opening balance 08 April2018 £1544.01; income to 31 Jan 2019 £NIL, expenditure £NIL, Closing balance £1,554.01.

Monthly bank statement verification.

Bank Mandates.

  1. Asset Register
  2. Risk Assessment
  3. Correspondence
    1. Electoral Register
    2. Two Minute Takeovers on BBC Radio Oxford
    3. Back in Time Series – Casting in Oxfordshire
    4. Keep Britain Tidy’s Great British Spring Clean
    5. The Wychwood Project –Swift Group
    6. Safe Places
    7. Emergency Homeless Accommodation
    8. Clean Slate – request for donation
  4. Other issues
  5. Information Exchange
    1. Lionel Sainsbury in Concert

7.15pm on Friday 5 April 2019 at Chadlington Memorial Hall

                        Tickets £15 per person £7.50 for students



Date of next meeting: 7.30pm on Monday 11 May 2019




…………………………………Gill Hill, Clerk to Chadlington Parish Council 4 March 2019



All agendas, papers & draft minutes of Chadlington Parish Council meetings can be found at www.chadlington.com. You can also sign up for email updates on this village website.


If you have any events or information you wish to go on the Chadlington village website www.chadlington.com, please use the ‘Contact us’ form on the website.

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Minutes Chadlington Parish Council Meeting Monday 14 January 2019





Minutes of the Chadlington Parish Council Meeting  held at the Memorial Hall, Chadlington on Monday 14 January 2019. (Start 7.40pm.  Finish 9.23pm)

Present: Cllrs Howard Rowley, Tony Allan, Zoe Townsend, Nicky Lloyd and Gill Hill (Clerk)

District Cllr Neil Owen and County Cllr Liz Leffman  plus 1 member of the public.




  1. Apologies were received from Cllr Rose Cleevely
  2. Declaration of Interests: There were none.
  3. Minutes of the meeting held on 12 November 2018 were approved.
  4. Phil Shaw, Planning Development Manager, WODC was unable to attend however

he did inform the Council that a training programme for Parish Councillors in respect of planning applications was being organised.

  1. Parish Council Vacancy

         This has been advertised as required.

  1. Matters arising & action points
    1. Dog fouling – it was agreed to mention this problem in the parish magazine.
    2. Parking outside School – Cllr Zoe Townsend to bring up this subject at thenext school meeting.
  2. District & County Councillors Reports

Cllrs Neil Owen and Liz Leffman made their presentations.  The Chair asked for an update on proposals for the Castle Barn Quarry development. After some discussion the council expressed its unanimous opposition to these proposals. The Chair also requested monitoring and action on excessive vehicle movements. Councillors Leffman and Owen agreed to take these representations back to OCC and WODC respectively and to keep CPC updated on progress.

  1. Parish Plan

Cllrs Tony Allen and Nicky Lloyd are progressing the Parish Plan and aim to have a draft for our next meeting in March.

  1. Speeding Project

Need to contact Monty Phillips for latest report.

  1. Memorial Hall

Cllr Zoe Townsend had attended an interesting meeting with the Memorial Hall Committee and the Sports and Social Club to discuss the updating of the car park. Need to check if planning permission is required. Three quotes are being obtained.  It is thought the cost will be between £15K and £20K.  Grants are available.

  1. Playground

Work needs to be done on the Playground and allowance has been made for this in the Parish Council’s budget.

  1. Public participation

         There was none.

  1. Planning

         Applications received:

18/03337/HHD  8 The Stocks. Erection of a two storey rear extension and insertion of new

roof lights. (Amendments to Planning Permission 11/0227/P/FPEXT) (Retrospective)

Chadlington Parish Council felt it was not in a position to approve or decline this application as insufficient information was available.

18/03573/FUL Brookside, Brook End. Conversion and extension of barn to create dwelling.  CPC objected to this application.

Applications approved:

18/02661/HHD 8 Orchard Cottages, Chipping Norton Road. Erection of single and two storey

rear extension.  CPC objected to this application..

  1. Finance

         The Precept for 2020 /21 has been submitted to WODC.

         Insurance renewal for 2019 in second year ofn a three year contract, approved.

                Income: Current Account £NIL Memorial Hall Project Account £NIL

Expenditure approved:

Standing Order (monthly) Clerk’s salary for Jan & Feb                     £250.82 .

C No 100200 Chadlington Memorial Hall Hire 2018-19 x 8              £120.00

C No 100201 Came & Co Insurance Jan- Dec 2019                         £280.00

C No 100202 CPRE            Annual subscription                                 £  36.00

Approved monthly bank reconciliation 2018/2019. Current Account Opening balance 01 Apr 2018 £19,608.12; income to 30 Nov 2018 £16,189; expenditure to 30 Nov £5276.78: Closing Balance £32,074.35.  Memorial Hall Project Account Opening balance 08 April 2018 £1554.01; income to 30 Nov 2018 £NIL, expenditure £NIL

Monthly bank statement verification.

Bank Mandates were signed to add Cllr Nicky Lloyd.

  1. Audit Report – Moore Stephen

Council were made aware if he Audit Report.

  1. Asset Register

Deferred to next meeting.

  1. Risk Assessment

Deferred to next meeting.

  1. Correspondence

Meeting for Parish Councils with WODC Thursday 7 March 2019 7pm-8.30pm Two Councillors to attend.

  1. Other issues

It was agreed that payment for the Lionel Sainsbury Concert on 5 April 2019 could be paid into the  Chadlington Parish Council (Village Hall Project) account.

  1. Information Exchange

   Meeting dates for 2019 need to be updated.



Date of next meeting:

7.30pm on Monday 11 March 2019 at Chadlington Memorial Hall.






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Chadlington Ladies need new players

Our local ladies football team is looking for new players (adults – over 16) to join this friendly club that is planning to play in the Thames Valley Women’s League on Sunday afternoons. They have an FA qualified coach and currently meet for training on Monday evenings at the Kingham Hill astroturf pitch.

Please contact them via e-mail  chadlingtonlfc@gmail.com if you’d like to know more.

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