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The Village Hall project, our approach, and objective.

We are currently in the early stages of a project to consider the potential to redevelop the Memorial Hall in Chadlington. What form this takes is still being decided. The local community and potential users have already, and will continue to, play a key part in where we end up.

You can dive into the detail on the background to the project, team members, survey results and even minutes to key meetings throughout these pages, but first a bit more on our approach and the objective of the project.


“First Life, then spaces, then buildings” Jan Gehl

Two thirds of people polled in a recent survey in Britain felt that a sense of community has declined in their lifetime. In an age of increased electronic communication and social media, almost a third of households are people living on their own. We recognise the importance that shared places can play in helping to reassert and support a sense of community – by bringing people together. Jan Gehl, the Danish urban designer, neatly summarised the approach as ‘first life, then spaces, then buildings’.  In other words, start with people and how they live, next work on the spaces and places that support this, and only then sort out the buildings.

This approach is also driven by the feedback you gave us in the first survey in 2015. Among your key pieces of advice were the need to speak to people in the community and to understand what people want before making any decisions.

We recognise that Chadlington is a thriving village, full of great spirit and energy. For many reasons, the village hall isn’t meeting its potential. Over the past year therefore, we’ve been working on understanding life in Chadlington and the surrounding area; what people and local groups need, and what we can do to marry those needs with a village hall in decline.


Simply, to create a self-sustaining village hub that meets the needs and wants of the community.

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Your Hall, Your Say – Open Day

If you couldn’t make it to the Your Hall Your Say open day, don’t worry! All the presentations are available on this page – you can switch between them with the arrows at the top of each page.  We’d love to get your feedback – please consider filling in the short survey by clicking …

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Village Hall Project – Background

In early 2014, an annual usage survey of the hall was conducted which showed that, in spite of the many regular bookings at the time from The Flower Club, WI and Zumba, for example, the Chadlington Memorial Hall (CMH) was used, on average, for 12.96 hours per week. This was significantly less than the county average. With …

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Village Hall Project – Survey Results

Memorial Hall Survey 2015 – Summary Overview Broadly speaking, there is huge affection for CMH and the important role it plays within the community was clearly communicated. There are people who use the hall regularly and it plays a positive role in bringing people together with shared interests. However, this is a relatively small group and younger generations …

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Village Hall Project – Team

The Village Hall Project Team was formed by people who were either approached by the Parish Council or volunteered following the first survey in 2015. The team are a mix of people who have been in the village for a long time and relative newbies. The Project Team is distinct from the Memorial Hall Committee who continue …

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