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Great Brook Run

Great Brook Run LogoThe Great Brook Run is an annual cross-country race – our yearly mud-bath-swimathon fun run, which takes place half on land, half in water. This year it will be held on the 28th of December. Over the frightening distance of just-over-a-mile, the epic journey departs the picturesque Cotswold village of Chadlington and within a few hundred yards has thrown down the first of many darkly challenging challenges as the course challengingly turns 90 degrees to the left to challenge our challengers.

The course throws up many more obstacles as it wends through a quagmire of distant muddy fields. But the run gets its name not from the muddy bit, but from the wet bit, the bit that dares our heroes to come all the way home again in a raging torrent of water that is The Great Brook.

Survivors, for there are some, get to retire to The Tite Inn to warm their frozen toes by the fire, quaff an ale or two and regale passers by with stories of derring do and dunkings, all the while admiring their medal dangling gamely in somebody else’s beer.

Legend has it that the Great Brook Run has its roots in the first great Viking invasion of Chadlington.

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The 2015 Great Brook Run will be held on Monday 28th December at 12.noon at the Tite Inn. Runners must register on the day, before 11.45 a.m.

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